Friday 15 February 2013

Another Breath(e) Out Brings Absolute True Love

When you say absolute true love, it kinda sounds like you are trying to convince yourself as much as the person you are talking to. Maybe it’s the tautological implications of the term. Which means that calling your EP Absolute True Love implies that the record is pregnant with meaning. UK band Breathe Out are intent on playing with the jangly guitar pop, awash with shimmering soundscapes, instilling these awkward moments involving electronic squelches, samples and subtleties to imbue these strong tracks with urgency and surprise. There is something Regurgitator about single ‘Dead Friends’, what either the Ely-esque deadpan vocals, the sonorous guitar line that slips into slight dirges and whoa’s before stretching into micro-second Pavement distort-o-quirk. Its within the art cover too – a derelict back lot, a solitary skull in the foreground, a beercan, a guitar discarded in a shopping trolley, drums abandoned by the basement door – dire, yet filled with morbid mirth.

You can pre-order Absolute True Love here – and seeing as this is Art Is Hard, the release is special - get in now and get yourself a nice T-shirt bundle.

Breathe Out – Dead Friends

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