Friday 1 February 2013

Diving Down For Water Damage - A Taste Of Calendar Days

Perennial Melbourne slackers Dick Diver really nailed the "melancholic, drunken Go-Betweens sweltering underneath the verandah in the suburbs" sonic malaise on 2011's debut LP New Start Again - it was a real slowburner, and one of the best records to come out of Australia that year. Now they are prepping their followup, Calendar Days, and 'Water Damage' is the first cut. There is something calm and cozy about this track, all jangle and morosely demure, a bittersweet sojourn through the waning summer shade that sounds so easy to make, yet is nigh on impossible to bottle. Twerps may get much of the kudos, and UV Race more of the vigorous virtue, but this "offshoot" have more of the class and character that intimates that their records will still be spinning many years from now. To say this release has me in an anticipatory mood is a massive understatement.

Calendar Days will be out through the excellent Chapter Music March 16.

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