Monday 25 February 2013

Doing Harmony A Favour

I meant to get this post out earlier, as they played an incendiary show the other weekend at the equally excellent ATP Melbourne, and were in town over the weekend and played two shows (one I hear was amazing on Friday – I didn’t attend due to the fact that I had a chiptune-themed Sonic Masala Presents show on; the other yesterday at the Powerhouse that was sublime). Ah well – I’ve been assured Melbourne Gothic God-fearing rustic Australian working class gospel noise choir (!?!) Harmony will be up again before the year is out, when they have a new album to spruik (their follow-up to 2011's stunning self-titled debut will be entitled Carpetbombing). As it stands, they have this 7" - and as you could expect it's a belter. The guttural, anguished yowls of Tom Lyngcoln and his throttled guitar, juxtaposed with the soaring angelics of his three-female choir, will never get old nor less idiosyncratic - it truly is a unique voice with seemingly limitless depths of chagrin and despair to plumb, clawing desperately for that thin shimmer of hope amidst the morass of guilt, shame and regret. Catharsis has never felt more vindicated than when Harmony strike a chord.


Grab Do Me A Favour here. The cover art is again done by Alex Gillies (No Anchor), and is suitably stark and stirring.

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