Thursday 21 February 2013

Wrecking Sounds

I have a few records coming outta Melbourne’s Bro Fidelity label coming up over the next couple weeks – starting with Daggers Mid-Flight/Hotel Wrecking City Traders guitarist Toby Wrecker’s solo record Sounds of Jura. Nine tracks of guitar/drums improvisation that wavers between hard rock, desert wash, drone annihilation, meditative acoustics and (astonishingly) brief moments of beautiful clarity. Basically Wrecker did a whole bunch of home recordings over the past two years, merely mucking about and playing with the format, and the decision to put them into one solid package is a great one (for us, at least). Plus the reason that it became reality? Wrecker asked Mauro Italiano, a buddy from Turin, to do a cover for him, despite the fact they hadn’t spoken in fifteen years. The end result is below.

I love Sounds of Jura – grab it here. What gets me is that each song is its own sonic planet, and although most songs show a level of brevity often beyond these stylings, they are inhabitable, awe-striking, and brave. Let’s hope more of these “happy accidents” are in the offing.

Toby Wrecker – Entering The Overlook
Toby Wrecker – Avoiding The Pleasantries

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