Friday 8 February 2013

Psy Ants Bite Their Tongues and Disappear

Psy Ants were part of the first ever Sonic Masala Presents… shows back in October 2011. I had originally asked Per Purpose to play, but Joe (drums) was in America with Kitchens Floor. Glen the guitarist instead offered his “other” band, which was of course the noise rock trio, and they tore the place apart with a visceral performance that polarised the audience (the other two artists were the broken folk of Charles Curse and the wonky indie sweep of Nova Scotia – hence the beginning of the eclectic lineups that were inevitably to follow). I managed to catch them play one more show after that, but that’s it – the band have called it a day, preferring to focus on other bands.

At least we managed to get something physical out of them in the form of Bit Tongue Prik (out through Vacant Valley). It’s all saw-toothed, angular anger and bile, melodrama for the schizophrenics, shapes shifting in rust-gilded twitches and spasms. It’s ugly stuff indeed, David Yow masturbating over decapitated images of the Rapemen. Its broken, no reason to fix it, just listen, eat glass and move on.

Grab Bit Tongue Prik here.

Psy Ants – Spike
Psy Ants – Deny Flesher

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