Saturday 23 February 2013

Related To Black Pus

I didn’t speak about it much, but Lightning Bolt’s Oblivion Hunter EP of last year was pretty stellar. Whilst not up there with their best releases, it’s pretty great for what essentially was a bits-&-bobs operation. But one thing I liked even more was Pus Mortem, the record put out by LB’s maniacal drummer/”vocalist” Brian Chippendale under his Black Pus guise. Abrasive, face-melting excellence par none.

 Black Pus is not sitting idle either, with All My Relations being release through Thrill Jockey next month. This signals the first time Chippendale has gone into a proper studio, and the nuance and clarity that such things bring forth works bizarrely well here. There is so much more physical ferocity apparent when you can hear all the components at play – and anyone familiar with the insane technique and pace Chippendale employs will appreciate this. Even more prevalent is the drum-mounted oscillator, triggered by the kick which then loops outwards, ripples from a meteor.

I'm not going to say this is better than his day job – his combination with the frenetic basslines of Brian Gibson knows no rivals – but All My Relations proves that Black Pus is the real deal, not just a vanity project.


Pre-order All My Relations here. Black Pus is rampaging Stateside in May. The first one hundred to order it will get a comic page created by Chippendale himself, an amusing look at those who are more interested in what music he fits into than actually listening. I think we all know someone like that...

Black Pus – 1000 Years

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