Monday, 7 December 2015

Leafing Through The Daylight Library

There is an easy flowing metaphysical ambiance that permeates Daylight Versions, the new album from London dreamscapers The Leaf Library. The album is bookended by two long shoegaze excursions – the elastic, fuzz-fuelled languor of the excellent  ‘Asleep Between Stations’ and the cathartic yet contained maelstrom of ‘Evening Gathers’ – but in between are concise reimaginings of magisterial grace ('Slow Spring') and hushed, filmic ululations a la the most contemplative of Yo La Tengo's breathy moments ('Acre'). My favourite track is 'Pushing/Swimming', embodying the naturalistic percolating eloquence of Stereolab, the tapping, burbling permutations of stuttering instrumentation and a calmness aided and abetted by the hushed, sonorous vocals. It seems strange to call this Daylight Versions, as the sounds on offer occupy the gloaming, a time that is neither light or dark, nor is in between - it merely is. Patience is rewarded tenfold here. Grab the LP on white vinyl from Where It's At Is Where You Are Records (wiaiwya) here - hopefully we will see them on a show soon.

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