Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Wolf Eyes Is The Problem

Wolf Eyes never do what you expect them to. Even their nihilistic noise isn't something you can take for granted. Look at their latest record, I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces. Firstly it's been put out through Jack White's Third Man Records, in what seems like an incongruous partnership. Secondly, the woozy narcogenic 'Catching The Rich Train' with its mournful sax drone and Nate Young's discombobulated vocals shows the industrial grind and white-noise blitzkrieg of the past has bled out into other realms, with the singular shift being an adherence to tone and melody. The outcome is still visceral, but in a more lurking, deceptively subliminal way - a grinding Giallo, a narcissistic horror symphony of sneers and syphilitic dreams. I know that bands like Liars have taken techno touchstones and pushed them to unnerving corners, but I Am A Problem is truly insidious. Although not unheard of - the trio's solo guises (especially Young's Regression work) all have infiltrated the Wolf Eyes aesthetic. There are moments where the atonal squall comes close to the surface, like 'Enemy Ladder', but in the main I Am A Problem is noxious brilliance. Grab it here.

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