Thursday, 3 December 2015

Big Brave Lords

Since Canadian doomed rockers Big Brave sent me a track of theirs a couple years ago, I have been in acolyte thrall. It wasn't long before other, keener eyes took note, and now we finally have their second record Au De La out through the gargantuan Southern Lord label. Its sinister and seductive, slow monolithic rock that perforates with sheer, measured downstrokes, and caresses with a vocal dexterity that coalesces between the watermarks of PJ Harvey, Chelsea Wolfe and Bjork. The silences are as deafening as the crushing noise. Whispers of Eastern temporal mantras; the conscious building of otherworldly weight, both felt and imagined, permeates other quarters. Every song is a measure of patience and reward - everything calibrated to an inch of its life. Yet the passion and fury that courses through every microsecond of Au De La is what makes this album so breathtaking. As calm as things can get, or chaotic (sometimes, like closer '(re)collection Part II', both exist), everything is torn from Big Brave's very being. Very brave indeed - this album is unrelenting, but in my opinion, one of the most devastatingly enthralling records committed to tape in 2015. GET THIS, NOW.

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