Monday, 7 December 2015

Motorik Rehumanises Maserati

I was on my way to see Maserati last week until an emergency pulled me away - and another great gig was missed. I have been listening to Rehumanizer (out now through Temporary Residence on amazing Exploding Sun vinyl now - see below and buy here) incessantly over the past month. I have been becoming more and more obsessed with electronic music that either makes method out of nihilistic noisy madness, or creates a motorik mantra fitting of a retro-futurist dystopia. Rehumanizer is definitely of the latter. Insistent on molding classic rock riffs into a cyclical barrel roll, blown up to resemble cyber colossi, substance and style intrinsically interwoven. The 21st century hard rock amalgam of Trans Am and Goblin (with 'Living Cell' sounding almost 'Great Southern Land' era Icehouse?!), Rehumanizer is both a throwback and a pitch forward, synthetically confronting yet organically immersive.

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