Friday, 11 December 2015


Let's finish off this week with death-knell Goth punk. Melbourne's Stations (featuring current and ex members of The UV Race, Mollusc and Ex Con) have released this 7" that kicks off with hellish air sirens, haunted organs and piercing wails on 'Work', a murky squall, matted and rancid. It is awful, acrid and awesome, a caterwaul that draws blood. 'Hunting' starts more sedate, more brooding and barren, but this is just a ruse - the nightmare is ratcheted up to unbearable levels by the end. The frenetic expulsion of 'Tension' is intense at a quarter of the time, and it closes with the potent pummelling of 'Master/Disciple'. This kind of noise terrorism is fucking brutal - and brilliant.

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