Thursday, 17 December 2015

Palming A Tiny Gooch Insight

Newcastle garage ne'er do wells The Gooch Palms keep kicking goals now they are based over in the States, what with playing all over the shop with the likes of Spray Paint and Mike Krol, and having their awesome debut record NOVO's rereleased through the mighty Burger Records. The style mutants have this new track to see out the year, 'Tiny Insight', and it is exactly want you want and need - Kat's simple yet pummelling drums kicking forth Leroy's surf/soul/punk riffs - and the lyrics are as awesome as always - watching footy, shooting hoops - he may look like an idiot but he's just a regular guy... They are releasing a new album next year, and are sure to play a zillion shows too. 2016 promises to be the Year of the Gooch.

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