Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Screamfeeder Brings The Crowd

Earlier this year, in the second Sonic Masala Fest, I fulfilled a bucket list moment by getting Brisbane legends Screamfeeder to headline. They even finished with two of my favourite tracks, 'Stopless' and 'Bridge Over Nothing'. They have joined up with Poison City Records to reissue all of their albums on vinyl too. And I thought that was it - that was the best that could happen.

I was wrong.

The trio have 'Alone In A Crowd' to hit us in the face with - their first new song in 10 years. It is Screamfeeder, straight out of cryogenic slumber, as fresh and fierce and infectious as ever. If this is the entree, bring on the Last Supper. Pick up this brilliant song with two other newies ('Rules Of Attraction' and 'I'm Fighting') here. And long may Screamfeeder reign.

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