Thursday, 12 November 2015

Pale Gazed Miners

Wollongong has presented some really solid bands over the last few years - and Miners is set to join them. Positioning themselves alongside a growing pantheon of excellent Antipodean shoe gaze acts, the foursome have produced something gauzy, lustrous and yet raucous and altogether stunning on debut EP Pala. There is the parochial nonchalance on songs like 'Wrings', and the swirling maelstrom on opener 'Restless'. But then there is the incessant menace in the post-punk stagger of 'Empty Words', whereas the constant Sonic Youth comparisons becomes a little more apt on the slow amble of 'Ruby', something Day Ravies might have come up with if they OD'd on A Thousand Leaves. Miners close up shop on the 'Moon', a track that swims in the dead oceans of their predecessors, with the silence and slacker strums of 90s college rock underpinning the excellence. This is something else - and I simply cannot WAIT to hear what they come up with next.

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