Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Know Your Amulets

I have a lot of exterior noise around me lately - work, aspirations, neighbours, finances, dreams, all crowded in on me like a leaning tower of shit, ready to tumble at the slightest movement. And while the name Know Your America doesn't apply to my existential state of mind, the music across this ambient stunner by the artist Amulets does. It comes from the mind of Randall Taylor, an Austin, Texas sound collagist who took a series of vintage 70s children's history booklets and crafted an oscillating, pastoral dream state to mirror the nostalgia inherent within. Amulets often deals with darker drone terrain (head over to his site to see the depth of his excellence), but here Taylor taps into the base emotional heft that instrumental titans like Explosions In The Sky carve out of the air - and it's honestly breathtaking.

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