Saturday 8 June 2013

Eloise's Winter (Tenzenmen Update #4)

I've been a big fan of mysterious Chinese shoegazers Dear Eloise, and the fairly prolific duo have another release at their disposal. The Winter Has Disappeared 7" is two tracks that glisten in the darkness, shimmer in the shifting sands, a beauteous mirage. There tends to be an ambiguity or distance put in place when bands travel down the shoegaze route, but Dear Eloise manage to sidestep that with 'Vanishing Winter' - not only immediate, but attractive and inviting. 'The Place In White Light' is the aftermath - stumbling forth, trying to grasp that wavering nirvana, falling into the dirt with empty hands, eyes and soul. The ying and yang, then.

You can buy The Winter Has Disappeared here in translucent green vinyl. As a side note, all throughout June you can go to the Tenzenmen website and make a bit of a comment on their page. And when you do, you get a 30% discount on all Tenzenmen releases through their Bandcamp! What a sweet deal. There are more releases I'll be insisting you jump on in the ensuing days too, so start cracking open your Dollarmite money banks...

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