Wednesday 12 June 2013

Dancing Into, And Out Of, Difficult Situations

I've had a long day. A fifteen hour day yesterday leading into a 6am start today, followed by two exams, marking 35 Year 11 & 12 English short stories, had a drawn out issue get drawn out even further - and it's been raining all day. Admittedly Scout Niblett got me over the hump; Crushed Beaks got me smiling; and _ got me smashing beers. But in these twilight hours, I've somehow slid back into a melancholic smoulder. And I don't know why, but twee queer pop is the one thing that is attuned to this weird malaise, courtesy of one of Fortuna Pop!'s roster cards, New York's The Ballet. They released their latest LP of Stephen Merritt-skewing indie pop gems, I Blame Society, on Monday. I haven't heard it, but I've heard 'Difficult Situations' - and although I don't have a boyfriend, there is a lot here mirroring my worldview. Such is life...

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