Thursday 13 June 2013

Sharks At High Noon

I still cannot fathom that there is a Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Goddamn. Thank fuck for HBO...

Then again, thank fuck for the band Shark Week, who continue to lace their garage roots with a heady line of absurdist hedonism. Then there is Santurce, their 7" recorded for Analog Editions Records. 'Go West' hits you, where the hit is infused with the woody goodness of yesteryear twang, a melancholy air that insists on lingering. 'Go West' is still imbued with Shark Week's seemingly effortless liquidity, effervescent gnarl and giddy gurning. Yet the Western edge offers something harder, more flint-edged, more robust than their other efforts, which bodes incredibly well for the future.

You can buy Santurce here.

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