Sunday 9 June 2013

Getting Cosy With Kinski

There is too much music in the world. I'm going to do some small (but hopefully relevant) posts over the next week about releases I'm sure you are all on top of, as I should have been, but they are too good to not mention seeing as they are amazing records.

Ill kick it off with one I was sent a few months ago, and kinda let slip until I saw Repo Man on TV a few weeks ago. I goddamn love that movie, I can tell you. The cover of the new Kinski record, Cosy Moments, is straight outta that movie. Now, Cosy Moments doesn't offer any straight up punk jams like Alex Cox's soundtrack (although 'Last Day On Earth' is close). But then again, Cosy Moments doesn't offer up classic Kinski either - gone are the ground-down post-rock stylings of yore. In its place we have a spaced-out grunge behemoth, Fu Manchu by way of Nirvana - the Seattle hangover kicking in two decades on. It might irk the purists (ARE THERE Kinski purists?), but this leaner, meaner Kinski is all right by me.

Grab Cosy Moments (through Kill Rock Stars) here - its a solid record all round.

Kinski - Long Term Exit Strategy
Kinski - Skim Milf

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