Saturday 8 June 2013

PREMIERE - New Juffage Track 'Fate's Gone Away'

Back in 2011 I really got into Semicircle, a little album by Jeff T Smith AKA Juffage. Mixing the likes of Ratatat, Akron/Family and Animal Collective into his sounds, Juffage is a miasma of electrified wizardry, a solo maelstrom of organic devilry, a creative Loki who refuses to sit still, compromise or to stop having a good time.

This June Juffage has been releasing a series of live tracks from his recent European tour - and Sonic Masala is lucky enough to premiere one! New track 'Fate's Gone Away' was filmed at Rincon Pio Sound in Spain, and showcases Smith's multiple instrumentation changes and looping techniques to great effect. The track is intricate in itself, a math excursion through kaleidoscopic sonics, so to see Smith up there in his lonesome provides both awe and perplexity. So without further adieu, enjoy.

Here are the other two to have been released thus far this month also (both recorded in Lille, France).

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