Saturday 1 June 2013

Fuck The Red Wing

And now for something completely different...

Hibou got me through the post-alcohol shakes, but now I need to ramp up so I don't go to sleep. And with Fuck Buttons, it'll never happen - not just because the noise the duo create is ear-splitting, but the only dreams the band conveys are that of the seventh level of industrial hell. The abrasive excellence of Fuck Buttons is poised to return with new LP Slow Focus out through ATP Recordings in July, something I cannot wait for. Their alien, confrontational soundscapes are often jawdroppingly incredible, awe-inspiring and just plain unfathomable - how can a noise assault this uncompromising, electronic and aggressive be this enthralling, hypnotic and seductive? Stockholm Syndrome perhaps? Whatever the secret is, I have always been held in thrall by Benjamin John Power and John Hung, and the abuse is set to continue on unabated, may my eardrums rest in peace.

You can pre-order Slow Focus in gold vinyl form here.

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