Sunday 9 June 2013

Libyan Hit Squad Get Round-Eyed

I got this crazy slice of punk skronk insanity from Genjing Records (the Chinese subsidiary for Maybe Mars Records) and Orlando, Florida's Ripping Records. Full Circle grabs a band from each locale - Round Eye from Shanghai, Libyan Hit Squad from Florida - and lets them go no holds barred at each other. The result is bullshit crazy, bullshit awesome. Black Flag's Greg Ginn chimes in! LHS keep things off-kilter, swinging between breakneck SST punk annihilation ('Blown Asshole'), Descendents sensibilities ('Rubber Shoes'), and the more harmonious ends of Fugazi ('Brave New World').

Round Eye (ANOTHER ex-pat band from China! sharing a leadman too) then offer a more dissonant edge, complete with melting brass, and in my opinion take things up a couple of notches. 'Kenting' even pins down some of that wonky Springsteen-aping rock that Titus Andronicus have made their bread and butter. 'I'm So Young' slips the mickey to a doo-wop number that would be cute if it weren't so slurred and devious; whilst the one-two punch closers 'Carne Seca' and 'Got Her Runnin'' energise and pulverise. Two bands I'd never heard of before joining forces to slay - intercontinental shitstirrers.

You can grab Full Circle here. It is very, very good - get on this quick smart.

Libyan Hit Squad - Blown Asshole
Libyan Hit Squad (ft Greg Ginn) - Full Circle 

Round Eye - Kenting
Round Eye - Carne Seca

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