Thursday, 30 August 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

I really enjoyed Kansas-based duo Folie Adieu's self-titled EP (read about it here - they were one of the first bands to send their physical music to me that I really enjoyed). Well once again it's taken me too long to get to this - sorry again guys! They brought out an LP not too long ago called Best Practices, and it continues to roll the ball forward, offering ten slices of understated shoegaze pop. Tonally spot on, there will be moments where the shadows of greater bands will darken the corners, but Andrea 's voice is perfect for these tracks, as are her sonorous guitar lines and Brian Winters' precise, no frills drumming. There is something warm and familiar about Best Practices that I can embrace, rather than feel the need to deride, and whilst I struggle to alight on what that subtle ingredient is, I will just say that Folie Adieu are living up to the promise.

Best Practices can be picked up here.

Folie Adieu - Sacrificial Anode
Folie Adieu - Tent

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