Thursday, 16 August 2012

Opening The Cerebral Frame Of A High Wolf

I have to say that this year's Sound Summit in Newcastle looks to be by far the best one yet. Headlined by the inimitable Blues Control (whose Valley Tangents LP I am yet to hear, but all reports is it's a best of 2012 contender), Home Blitz, Rites Wild, Twerps, Straight Arrows, Mist - and French avant garde sound extrapolator High Wolf. Now it is highly unlikely I will make this year - I will working on a special project, more about which later, that goes into the first day of the conference - but it is likely that I will get to see most of these acts.

First one announced to come say hi (other than Straight Arrows playing the BigSound convention mid-September) will be High Wolf who, along with USA-based multi-instrumentalist Benoit Pioulard and synth cowboys Mist (which includes John Elliott from Emeralds) are a part of Open Frame 2012, an initiative at the Brisbane Powerhouse put on by Room40 to celebrate the sonic Underworld. High Wolf is a master of mystic interrogation and manipulation, playing with form and repetition to reconnect with the third eye, holding a strong connection to Middle Eastern and Asian musical tropes also. He puts out many releases - the current one doing the rounds at Planet Masala is the Know Thyself cassette he put out through Sun Ark, contemporary Sun Araw's label - and this promises to be an electric, eye-opening program. Not to be missed.

The first Open Frame event featuring, Benoit Pioulard, High Wolf and Mist is on at the Powerhouse on Thursday October 4. You can get your tickets here - I strongly recommend this to anyone who likes to be adventurous with your sonic palate. Your earbuds will never be the same.

You can grab Know Thyself (and by extension a plethora of High Wolf's releases) here.

High Wolf - Side A (from Know Thyself - song titles are Landslide, Obsessions History, and MLK)

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