Monday, 13 August 2012

Two New Cuts Of White Denim

Austin, Texas trio (now quartet) White Denim had a massive year in 2011. The release of LP D to critical acclaim, worldwide touring, even squeezing out an EP (their fifth) in the form of Takes Place In Your Work Space. They haven't stopped though, with the recent expulsion of two tracks that missed the EP cut onto the musical consciousness - and they are stellar in themselves. The slight honky tonk sway of 'Darlene' rings of subdued Nevada crooning, with intermittent flickering neon and red dirt staining the white stucco buildings the images burnt into the brain. Which makes 'Gas On F' the perfect counterpoint, a driving song fleeing the aforementioned landscape, the spinifex flying past on the horizon, wind in the hair, head lolling back on the headrest, the taillights leaving zigzags of red light in the waning day's dusky glow. The way this band flitters across genres, nailing their nuances and graces whilst also having so much irreverence with it all is always refreshing. Here's to another big year for White Denim

White Denim - Darlene
White Denim - Gas On F

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