Friday, 3 August 2012

Hack No More (If It Was Ever Hacked...)

I have a veritable mountainload of tenzenmen releases that have been rolled up and really deserve your attention, but I thought I would focus on this one, the self-titled record by Sydney night-people Hacks. The act are supposedly a mysterious band of edge dwellers even on the alternative music scene in Sydney, emerging occasionally to swagger effortlessly through a chaotic set of improvised tunes only to drop out again into the realities of life. Not only is their existence relatively unrecognised (no one I know ever saw them play - are they even real??), but unlikely to blow up any time soon as one of their members looks set to set up shop in the European wilderness, no sign of return. It's a real shame, because the four tracks on Hacks are all kinds of beautiful improvised noise and mayhem.

Hacks can be gleaned here. It's good.

Hacks - Between Hawk And Buzzard

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