Thursday, 2 August 2012

Peter Dreams Of Glowing Bones And Other Such Delusions

Some time ago I posted an interesting track by Michigan band Dreampeter called 'Mason Jar'. Well the two guys behind the outfit have put out a split cassette (it's Cassette Thursday!) under the monikers Boneglow (Peter Wiley) and Delusions (Matt Gilles). Boneglow's side is a surprisingly catchy blend of woozy, RnB-tinged grooves, Wiley's vocals drifting over chopped beats, a syncopated summer jam sandwich. Delusions' side is more on the tangential side, a warped excursion in lo-fi pop that is undeniably attractive also. Three songs each, and it isn't enough - full length releases please!!!

The split, put out through Kassette Klub, can be picked up here.

Boneglow - Lost & Found
Delusions - Have It (ft. fthrsn)

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