Thursday, 30 August 2012

You'd Be Braindead To Deny Dikes Of Holland

I really like Dikes of Holland, the Austin garage collective who have given unholy birth to 2nd LP Braindead USA. They have dual vocals, boy/girl in fact, but where this might normally be saccharine or rosy-cheeked, Liza Herrera ensures it is more like insanity wrapped tightly in barbed wire. John Paul Bohon, Trey Reimer and Christopher Stephenson share songwriting duties, yet it's Herrera's solo vocal contribution in particular on tracks like 'City Feet' that stick in the memory like a feverish burr, part sexy coquettisheness and part spiky snarl, although 'Rotten Taste' and 'Kinky Parents' are stronger all-round offerings. This is the kind of album you shotgun beers, glass lumberjacks and have sex outside the 7-Eleven with a prepubescent Lolita to. Hedonistic as hell, and all the better for it.

You can grab Braindead USA from Screamer Records here. It seriously is a great punk record. It'll save lives. They are also touring the States with Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. Awesomeness will ensue.

Dikes of Holland - Rotten Taste
Dikes of Holland - Streetwalker

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