Saturday, 11 August 2012


There was an excellent show on at the Judith Wright Centre that was to be one of instrumental enigmas Mr Maps' final shows for some time. Unfortunately I missed it - I had been commissioned to cover a different band at the time - the trials and tribulations of the job. Also playing that show was electronic wizard Hunz (aka Hans Van Vliet), another act that I have yet been able to catch live. But due to missing that performance, I heard that the two acts had a split 7" picked it up, loved Hunz's 'Owl Highway' track, picked up his new EP Penny Time, and found it well worth my time. Im really falling for a lot of 8-bit instrumental work - another act in Brisbane, Green Nose, blew me away when he played the Tiny Spiders album launch last week - but Hunz's work is also steeped in a frenetic pop realm. The album's title comes from the music's original genesis, with Van Vliet intending it to score an iPhone skating game that his motion design company created. Yet it stands well on its own, and creates other visuals worlds away from the videogame.

The 7" is out through boutique label Lofly (who put out the excellent Nova Scotia album last year), and you can hopefully still get yourself a clear vinyl copy (with great artwork too) here. Otherwise have at the EP below. He is also playing tonight at X&Y with The Slow Push - it's free, so get there!

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