Thursday, 2 August 2012

A Guide To Three Saints

In the first of a few posts about recent "underground" Australian releases, I thought I'd focus on something local. Affiliated with Room40, Brisbane-based cassette label A Guide To Saints presented their first 3 releases recently, the first in a series entitled "Cassette Diaries". It features contributions from Brisbane's Heinz Reigler (Not From There/Nightstick), northern New South Wales' electronic collective Tralala Blip, as well as an international drone flavour from American Rachel Evans AKA Motion Sickness Of Time Travel.

The process is borne out of a series of momentary musics, recordings made in a short period of time - from a day to roughly a week. Motion Sickness Of Time Travel's Traces offers two trance-like pulse of electronic light, Evans eschewing more affronting sonics for something richer and altogether more benign. Reigler's Survey #2 (One Thousand Dreams I Never Had) is an aural document of his time spent hibernating in a wooden cabin in the Austrian Alps, and as such is the most "linear" of the pieces. Tralala Blip rarely have a template, yet the album title Submarine Love Songs rings pretty true to these warped tales of love and woe.

Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - Colour Changing Eyes

Heinz Reigler - Dissolve
Heinz Reigler - Ascent (Vollmond II)
Heinz Reigler - Sleepwalker

Tralala Blip - Angry Ghosts

You can grab the bundle here. A Guide To Saints is guaranteeing a consistent flow of releases in the near future, so expect to hear more from them very soon.

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