Friday, 3 August 2012

Friday Cover Up - Going Greek In The Dunes

I know it's been out a whiles, but I didn't feel like searching for a cover, but wanted to provide one, and these are damned sweet. Earlier this year Amen Dunes put out the Ethio Covers 7", three tracks of Ethiopiques songs culled from unnamed tapes. After hearing these songs coming each night from his neighbor’s room upstairs, he decided to learn the tracks note for note and replicate the full band’s sound through the Amen Dunes lens, overdubbing all the instruments and vocals. It ends up sounding like Amen Dunes really, albeit somewhat happier, like being caught in a prism hit by mid-afternoon sunlight, before being thrown in a muddy ditch. That actually sounds rather pleasant to me...

You can still grab this from Sacred Bones and probably your nearest and dearest record stores. Grab it from the source here.

Amen Dunes - Ethio Song

Enjoy your weekend people!!!

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