Monday, 13 August 2012

Inexplicable Vet Dreams

I have no idea how this album found its way onto my hard drive - I haven't ever received an email from them, and I'd never heard of them before - but Vet Dreams by Auckland quartet Grass Cannons is killer. Embracing elements of no wave, shoegaze and post-punk then tying it up in a pop-heavy bow, these five tracks are the closest I've heard to someone sounding like Women than...well, Women. And the weird thing for me always was why that would be the case - yet the Canadian band had a unique sound that masqueraded as the familiar, which would be come an unbearable itch on the brain that you could never scratch. Grass Cannons are on the same track here, with a sound at once familiar and distant, misshapen yet distinctly defined. A miasma of perfect sounds that under the microscope appear commonplace, Grass Cannons have offered an EP that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Not bad for an inexplicable discovery...

Vet Dream can be gleaned as a free download here. There is also a remix album of the EP, called Sweat Dream, which is well worth exploring too. Seriously guys (and gal), get to Australia pronto!

Grass Cannons - Cat Hair

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