Monday, 13 August 2012

Jayson Munro Offers Time-Hardened Meteor Tears

Meteor Tears, the EP put together by Jayson Munro (Ghost Of Chance, Noisette) was actually recorded way back in 2007, and came out early this year. I've had this for a while, and thought hell, I'm sure he wouldn't mind a few more months of ignominy. It's an excellent release though - 4 tracks of angular, discordant guitar-based instrumentals that bristle with intensity and heft. Opening track 'Illinoize' feels like the longest track on here - it rumbles along with rusted distortion, yet harbours some warmth that mirrors the burnt colours of the cover art. It is also the shortest track, hence its immediacy, yet the others - the elongated mood pieces '18 Stops To Go' and 'Cyan Taillights', closing off with the undulating quiet/loud antics of 'Dew Drop Ambulance' - all hold kernels of charm and excitement within their core. It's a solid collection of tracks that will have you begging for something more substantive from Munro, with a much quicker turnaround.

You can grab Meteor Tears here.

Jayson Munro - Illinoize
Jayson Munro - Dew Drop Ambulance

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