Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Violent Soho Are About To Explode - Again

Seems like forever since Mansfield's finest Violent Soho produced something new - probably because it has been. But now Brisbane's exponents of visceral grunge are back with a double A-side 7" (out through I Oh You), the first taste of which is 'Tinder Box'. It promises a quantum leap in sonic depth for the quartet, whilst maintaining the aggression (can aggression be fun? This is definitely fun...). Love the art work too dudes. (Oh and the band leant their gear to Iowa in their Sonic Masala show last weekend, even though they weren't at the show, which is the best. I've said thanks, but again - thanks!). The next chance to see em destroy is in a fortnight at BigSound, I suggest you get there pronto.

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