Sunday, 12 August 2012

Seriously Radical Panda Riot Girls

I've really gotta get better at these mash-ups of titles...

Anyway, this one has been around for just over a couple months, but Philly band Panda Riot have given us some sunny shoegaze in the form of their 7" Serious Radical Girls. The band started out as a duo with drum machines in tow, moonlighting in the bedroom when not scoring short films, but now are fleshed out through gaining a bass/percussion engine room. The now four-piece are working on an album Northern Automatic Music, which hopefully isn't too far in the wind, as the tracks on the 7" are gossamer-levels of beauty. It is really only a calling-card of what is possible, but it certainly shows a lot of scope. I'm interested to see what they are capable of.

You can get the 7" from Saint Marie Records here.

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  1. The SPC ECO remix is really good too, if you guys haven't heard it - you should.