Tuesday 8 November 2016

Anal Trump Terror or Triumph? Only Mincer Ray Can Tell...

It is the day of reckoning folks - The potential beginning of the apocalypse. Sure, it's a pity Bernie ain't standing, Hillary has her faults, but Jesus wept, get Trump the fuck out of this universe. Otherwise my building a bunker in the middle of the Australian desert will be my new goal in life.

There are a lot of musicians offering their own political screeds on this most shit of elections (seriously, how the fuck have we let this happen???) but let's grind the shit into the floor with Anal Trump's offering, That Makes Me Smart! Featuring members of Cattle Decapitation and Pinback and serving as both a skewering of the orange monster and a homage to Anal Cunt, the "album" is 30 tracks, all under 10 seconds, of annihilating screams and noise, with titles such as 'Harriet Tubman Is, Like, A 3', 'Ted Nugent Is Cool', 'Breastfeeding Is Gay' and the obligatory 'Grab Em By The Pussy.' All Trump's soundbites (well I don't know about the breastfeeding one, but the amount of heinous shit dribbling down his putty chin per second it would surprise me if he DIDN'T say it). So it's all done in under 3 minutes. Hopefully longer than Trump's presidency, which will clock in at zero point zero.

Then there is continental rabble rousers Mincer Ray (Americans, Brazilians and Swedes hulking down in the streets of Berlin), who we have featured on SM before. They have a four track release out now, and amidst the quirky electronic 180 that is 'Dental Surgery' and their more familiar Pavement-via-Modest Mouse guitar rock idiosyncrasies, there's the less than three minute (a theme evolving here?) droner 'Grab Them By The Pussy'. The vocals are distorted and screeching, a little deranged, led into the mouth of madness by the Antichrist himself. The rest of the piece is somewhat lighter in tone - even the rolling, wailing, threatening to disintegrate 'Dabs', the best track here - so let's hope common sense wins out worldwide...

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