Sunday 6 November 2016

Straight Arrows Turn Me On

Sydney garage rock reprobates Straight Arrows are at it again. They are winging their way to the US of A, hopefully in Trump-dumping celebration mode, to play some shows with legends Thee Oh Sees - and have a glistening 7" to proffer as well. Typically fast paced and party baiting first taste 'Turn Me Off' is a such a King Khan and the BBQ Show jam, via the roots of punk pop genius, The Ramones, that you can't help but lose your shit (and let a little bit of wee out). It really bothers me that these guys aren't at the top echelon of rock acts in Australia when generic wastoids like Dune Rats keep getting kudos. Who cares how wasted you are, as long as you do it with pinpoint precision and authenticity without forgetting that it's all about everyone having a good time.

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