Tuesday 1 November 2016

Not A Uniform House Of Horrors

This was meant to be up for Halloween, but things aren't running on anyone's time around here but it's own, so deal with it. Diabolical duo Uniform released one of my favourite albums of 2015 in the eviscerating form of Perfect World. Ben Greenberg (The Men when they were brilliantly brutal, Hubble, heaps of other stuff) and Michael Berdan (of the brilliant Drunkdriver) brought the 12" bilge pump deluge that is Ghosthouse out just in time for All Hallows Eve (out through - who else? - Sacred Bones) and it is unremitting in its bilious fury.

Industrial punk white noise and vitriol punctures the title track - its brutality that somehow hypnotises in its monotony, with Berdan mordantly spewing forth punishing platitudes. Apparently hacking wholesale from Umberto Lenzi's 1988 schlock horror film of the same name - which, after spending the past couple of days laid up in bed watching Fulci and Bava's masterpieces and missteps (which in themselves remain masterpieces anyway), I can perversely see. But it also tears at its own heart, a endless waking nightmare, a limbo where redemption is never an absolute. 'Waiting Period' takes the manic insanity down a couple notches, playing more like a glitching doom drawl, that mewling moment where death is imminent, most likely to be self-inflicted, yet has been stalled due to further life transgressions and interruptions - and rather than seeing these as divine interventions, they are perceived as painful holding patterns, a mere hiccup to the final solution. 'Symptom Of The Universe' finishes us off, and even a ferocious Black Sabbath cover needs to be fucked with, a mostly faithful thrashing imploding into its own self-hate at the end.

A great release, all told. Grab Ghosthouse (on ltd edition red vinyl) here.


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