Thursday 24 November 2016

Dark, Silent, Radiant Radian

Austrian instrumental trio Radian play Cafe OTO tomorrow I thought I would let you know why this is going to be a stellar show. Their latest record On Dark Silent Off (through Thrill Jockey) plays with the machinations of minimal rock, somewhere between the dark brutalism of My Disco, the lurking groove state of Holy Fuck (when bled of their hypercolour exuberance, that is), the static sheet electronics of Fennesz - hell, the hypnotic fried circularity of Loop. It's a bit of a remove from the static nature of previous records, and while I have always loved the discombobulated, rigid textures that held this band at a distant remove, there is something more electric, organic, alive on On Dark Silent Off - it grows on you, in you, around you. Grab the LP here, grab tickets for tomorrow's show here, and prepare to enter a breathing chrysalis of urgent, euphoric tension.

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