Wednesday 17 February 2016

The Return Of Twin Peaks From Heaven

We are all looking forward to the return of Twin Peaks, aren't we? The David Lynch show opened up so many televisual worlds - without it (and its iconic, idiosyncratic imagery and score) we wouldn't have the plethora of outre, lovely shows we have today. But then there is Chicago band Twin Peaks (not to be confused with SM faves from Adelaide, Peak Twins), whose third album Down In Heaven is due to drop in May (through Communion Records). Tenuously like the titular TV show, each album has seen an insidious shift of tone. 2013's Sunken was more of a fuzz-drenched punchbowl of raggedy rock, while Wild Onion the following year seemed to reach for the bleachers with its meticulous mix of party blasts and pleasant platitudes. With the 60s Kinks/T-Rex/Easybeats twang of 'Walk To The One You Love', it sounds as if the guys are spiralling further into the past to claw into the future. Twin Peaks is a band unsure of what they are, but will continue to play music that flows naturally forth from the springs. 

Twin Peaks will be in the UK in April - playing Camden Barfly on April 19.

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