Monday 15 February 2016

Suckled In By Bedroom Eyes

It's getting on in the evening here - I've been trying unsuccessfully to complete some article edits. Or maybe it's because I have my headphones on and Honeysuckle is filling my every pore. It is the new album from Boston's Bedroom Eyes, and it is a heady, heaving mixture of shoegaze noise without the histrionics, offering transcendental vocals over a cacophany of fuzz and sludge. Elements of songs such as 'Wild Sins' and 'Restless' remain distant, a contemplative insular journey, yet interspersed with serrated distortion, stop/start pedal crunch, black-hole noise sculpted into a cleansing purge that is undeniably beautiful in audacity, expansiveness and scope. Cathartic euphoria through sonorous noise, Honeysuckle is fantastic. You can pick it up through Midnight Werewolf Records here.

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