Monday 1 February 2016

The Nuclear Family Meltdown

What a lovely lot of misanthropes Sydney’s The Nuclear Family are. The four cuts from their self-titled 7” cut in all directions, cut with verve and maniacal abandon, cut deep. Opener ‘Urge’ seems a more straight-forward rock number, albeit one darker than tar, a pitched-yelp delivery filled with woo-ooo’s, and a serrated bent-string chord that for some reason reminds me of The Spinning Rooms. The heavy riffing continues with the great monikered ‘Milk and Metho’, with Penny Dreadful taking vocal duties – it’s a mid-paced scourge scouring the brain. The duo of vocals come into effect with favourite track ‘Crash’, the madness and mania punctuated by moments of restraint (and I do mean moments) before a dirge implosion (complete with caterwauling saxophone meltdown) brings the song into unfettered focus. ‘318’ sees this diseased capsule to its end, a driven by a thin whine of feedback and Jai's impassioned vocals, before once again everything explodes, the screaming almost incoherent. The music dies away and Jai is left howling “Help me get out of here” – why should I? Looks like you are doing just fine in the filth. Grab the 7” here.

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