Tuesday 9 February 2016

A Soft Party Needs Hard Soupcans

The past couple weeks I’ve gone from wistful guitar pop to sandpaper-to-the-face punk based on a bevy of acrid releases by the likes of Wet Ones and Chrome Cranks. Prepare to up the ante then, as I have just gotten my fetid paws on Soft Party, the misanthropic noise record from Toronto’s Soupcans. Going from breakneck speed punk (‘Razor Face’, ‘Crimes 1’) to Cro-Magnon thump and run (‘Psychosomatic Rash’) the album has everything. There are touchstones to The Bronx (‘DOB’) and Pissed Jeans (‘Nice Nife’, ‘Soft Party’ – my favourite tracks here), but Soft Party is as relentless as they come, covering the gamut of anguish and anger with every diseased and distorted aesthetic they can get their grubby lips around. A couple of sub-minute thrash punk tracks here, some doom’n’dirge there – you will only find Soupcans inhabiting the lowest forms, devolving even as they evolve, living off the detritus of the human condition. It’s great.

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