Tuesday 16 February 2016

Hello Summer Flake

2016 sees another great Aussie release to anticipate in Hello Friends, Summer Flake's follow up to the excellent You Can Have It All. 'Shoot And Score' is more brooding than what we saw on her Time Rolls By interim EP last year - it reminds me of the darker yet no less melodious moments of True Widow (without the calamitous down-tuned explosions) or early Lower Dens. Stephanie Crase's hypnotic hushed vocals coax and cajole, contemplative, knowledgeable, possibly menacing, with the guitar and relentless plod of the drums precipitating the electrical storm on the horizon. It's the kind of lurking track that is insidious, climbs inside you and haunts for days. Hello again Summer Flake, it's great to have you back. Hello Friends is out soon through Rice Is Nice.

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