Monday 1 February 2016

Feeding On Ian's Ritualistic Figbox Feast

I have mentioned the Florida noise collective Figbox in the past (namely Unholy Clone) and am a big fan of Prison Warder. It looks to be a big, busy, noisy year for them, the first taste of which is Feast For The Supreme Ritual, the second EP by drum and bass duo Ian Iachimoe (a bizarre reference to Paul McCartney, and which features Prison Warder's singer). A bristling set of live tracks charting the (un)natural path of gluttony and body horror, Feast... is fitful, brash, as at home nestling under the sweat-stained mask of Lightning Bolt as they are bludgeoning Swans, beckoning the apocalyptic winds of OM and bowing at the altar of Ornette Coleman. Digging this, looking forward to what else comes out of the Figbox.

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