Friday 26 February 2016

Don't Miss This Passing Of Magnetic Seasons Ya Mug(star)

Tonight Liverpool psychers Mugstar launch their Rock Action lauded album Magnetic Seasons at London's Electrowerkz (with excellent support from Henge and SM favourites Cavalier Song - check it out here). This is something to get excited about - it is a proggish noise fest, not afraid to stretch out and run (all bar one track is over five minutes long, with two exceeding the fifteen minute mark). The 70s space drawl and Sabbath sprawl of 'Unearth', the reverb subterfuge underline a psych drive on 'Flemish Weave' (with a harmonised nod to the likes of Clinic), the kosmiche cowboy groove of 'Time Machine', the patient, subdued flutter and float that looks to the cool blue of an endless rustic horizon of 'Sky West & Crooked' - these instrumental soundscapes feel both restless and timeless, improvised and envisioned, embryonic and set in stone. Those two monoliths I mentioned? 'Remember The Breathing' is a classic Krautrock spiral - not downward, but through time and space, a kosmiche mantra that breathes new life into the staid term "classic; while closer 'Ascension Island' plays at once like a static-drenched grey post-apocalypse bit of aural residue, and a titanic uprising, the elemental Gods of yore rising up, the colossi casting us in their hypnotic shadow without ever going close to toppling us into the sea. It's a magisterial exercise in undulating restraint. Mugstar are masters of their domain - pre-order this excellent double LP here. Grab tickets for the show on the door for a tenner.

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