Saturday 13 February 2016

Racing The Chooks To Your Door

The beginning of last year Melbourne's Chook Race finally brought out their debut record, the aptly spun About Time. I really liked it - it had the right mix of The Clean, Electrelane, Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Dick Diver coursing through its veins. Well the trio aren't sitting on their laurels this time around - they have linked with the excellent Tenth Court Records (Wireheads, Thigh Master, Mope City) for their follow-up Around The House later this year. The first taste of it is 'At Your Door' - not really a Paul Kelly nod, but there are some similarities when you consider the lyrics - the plaintive Aussie blue-collar Romanticism of grafting out your own patch, from the ground up. The difference here is the wistfulness is palpable - this house built out of wood and clay may be a short-lived Valhalla, if not a perennial pipe dream. The ramshackle nature of Chook Race's delivery makes things feel loose and carefree, but that just helps to further underscore the melancholy shadow underneath. Australia has this bright spark instrumentation/maudlin content delivery down pat - I think it's a good thing, it's dry, it's unsentimental. Can't wait to see what else is dredged up around the house.

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