Tuesday 2 February 2016

Trapping Three Tigers In A Holiday Inn

Squishing two posts into one here. First up we have the return of London harsh experimental trio Three Trapped Tigers. Fans of the likes of Battles, Errors, even My Disco might find something to indulge in with these guys' esoteric, punishing yet energising instrumental music. It is hard to believe it has been FIVE YEARS since they brought out Route One Or Die, an album that we reviewed in March 2011 (oh those days...) and loved, but title track 'Silent Earthling' sees a heady return to form. they will be touring the album at the end of April, with a Scala date on the 28th. Welcome back, boys.

Similarly in the electronic noise department is Italian synth punk guerrillas Holiday Inn (the name = perfect subterfuge). The self-titled 7" has been released on Rave Up Records, and committing unrelenting industrial (S)uicide over the disco landscape, destructively diffident, a nonchalant nihilism permeating the metallic scree. Frankly, it's cleansing my mind and making my day.

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