Thursday 18 February 2016

Nisennenmondai Are Coming x #3

Japanese motorik maestros Nisennenmondai are back! i will never forget the way they melted my face off at Tufnell Park Dome back in 2010 - I think they supported The Ex? Either way, that first intense euphoric take has had me hooked ever since, and I loved their last album N. A new album is also incredibly exciting, although I am sure that '#3' might take some by surprise, what with its insistent, incessant rhythms more indebted to the dancefloor than ever before. They have collaborated with Shackleton in the past (at Unsound, where all manner of weird noises merge), and '#3' sees them teaming up with Adrian Sherwood, a dub producer du jour. This isn't really dub though - instead, imagine a skeletal techno meltdown matched to the looped sound of a card flicking through the spokes of a spinning wheel for three minutes. Who knows what will come next - but expect it to be intensely hypnotic, regardless of what realm it muscles in on.

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