Monday, 9 February 2015

Wett Nurses Having A Hissy Fit

Ongakubaka has been a blog about psych noise rock that I have followed and enjoyed for some time now, and like Sonic Masala (and other blogs before us), they have gone out and started their own label. The first release to come from their stable is Hissy Fit, the new EP for Portland loose psych dwellers Wett Nurse. The organ imbues the Thee Oh Sees heavy work with an authenticity and baroqueness that is endearing and eclectic - it lends songs like 'Spook It' a otherworldly kitsch that aligns it with 50s B-movie madness. And I love 50s B-movie madness.

Bizarrely I haven't warmed as much to Ongakubaka's second release, the self-titled cassette from paisley-psyched German duo Lovebyrd - but it has been getting some great reviews, so definitely check it out here.

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